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Junk Removal Before & After Photos

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Basement Junk Removal in Breezy Point, NY

Our junk removal team removed junk from this customer's basement in Breezy Point, NY. They removed cardboard boxes and wires from the customer's home in Breezy Point, NY. 

Junk Removal in Atlantic Beach, NY

Our junk removal team hauled away old carpet in Atlantic Beach, NY from our client's home. 

Office Junk Removal in Lawrence, NY

Our team of junk removers cleaned out an office space full of unwanted junk for this customer in Lawrence, NY. They removed shelves, boxes, a chair, and junk for this customer in Lawrence, NY. 

Junk Removal in Woodmere, NY

Our clients needed junk removed from their attic space in Woodmere, NY. 

Junk Removal Service in Hewlett, NY

Our team of junk removal professionals removed unwanted junk from this customer's home in Hewlett, NY. They removed rolled-up rugs, some picture frames, and a lot of boxes full of junk from the home in Hewlett, NY. 

Total Before & After Sets: 109