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Garage Cleanout Before & After Photos

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Garage Decluttering Service in Atlantic Beach, NY

Our clients in Atlantic Beach, NY had a few items in their garage that they needed to be removed including a few golf club sets and some other miscellaneous junk. Pictured is before and after the junk was removed from the garage by our junk removal professional. 

Garage Declutter in Lawrence, NY

Our clients in Lawrence, NY needed a few miscellaneous junk items removed from their garage. Some of the items removed included an old paper shredder, a couple of stand up shelves, a printer, chairs, and other miscellaneous junk. 


Garage Decluttering Service in Lawrence, NY

Our junk removal team had to remove some miscellaneous junk from our client's garage in Lawrence, NY. 

Garage Cleanout in Woodmere, NY

Our junk removal professionals hauled away junk and construction debris from our client's garage in Woodmere, NY. 

Garage Cleanout in Valley Stream

A full two car garage cleanout in Valley Stream, NY. 

Total Before & After Sets: 68