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Furniture Removal Before & After Photos

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Furniture Removal in Atlantic Beach, NY

Our junk removal team removed a broken chair and 2 other chairs from this customer's home in Atlantic Beach, NY. 

Furniture Removal in Woodmere, NY

Here are the before and afters of a furniture removal job done in Woodmere, NY. 

Furniture Removal Service in Woodmere, NY

Our junk removal professionals had to remove a few end tables and a small dresser from a home in Woodmere, NY. Pictured is the before and after of the furniture removal service that was performed by our junk removal team. 

Dining Table Set Removal in Woodmere, NY

Our Team of junk removers removed a wooden dining table for this customer in Woodmere, NY. They also removed the dining table chairs for the customer in Woodmere, NY. 

Furniture Removal Service in Island Park, NY

Our team of professional junk removers removed living room furniture for a customer in Island Park, NY. They removed a couch, a tall lamp, a fake plant, 2 small side tables, a cushioned mat, and household items from the home in Island park, NY. 

Total Before & After Sets: 134