The Junkluggers of Long Island Q&A

How does The Junkluggers work?

We are a full-service eco-friendly junk removal company that serves homes and businesses and aims to donate and recycle anything we take away. All you have to do is show us what you’d like removed, we’ll provide you a free no-obligation estimate and if accepted we’ll remove the items right then and there!

We specialize in many areas including furniture removal, appliance removal, mattress removal, e-waste recycling, piano removal, apartment cleanouts, estate cleanouts, commercial cleanouts, hoarding situations, and more! There’s no naming what we can’t do! 


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What sets the Junkluggers apart from other junk removal companies?

Not only do we ensure on-time arrival, price assurance and 100% customer satisfaction, but we are the sustainable alternative to traditional junk removal through our donating and recycling efforts. We aim to donate as many items that we remove as possible to avoid the landfill and anything we donate we provide our customers with a tax-deductible donation receipt - a win for the environment and our customers! We’re trying to save the world one lug at a time!

Are franchise opportunities available?

Yes! Visit junkluggersfranchising.com for more information.

Are there any items you cannot take?

Anything that is toxic, hazardous or flammable.

Are you insured?

Yes! All of our luggers and trucks are insured for both worker’s compensation and general liability. We’ll provide proof of our insurance upon request for removals from apartment buildings or commercial properties.

Can you do the job if I am not home?

Yes! We offer curbside pick-ups and can also remove items outside from the home or property without you present if permission is granted.

Do I have to do anything before my junk removal appointment?

No, but being prepared for our crew to arrive is always appreciated!

Do you charge additional for travel time?

No! All our charges are included in the free no-obligation estimate we will conduct once we are onsite.

Do you charge extra for donation?

No, our pricing is inclusive of all costs and there is no additional fee for donation.

Do you offer moving services?

No, unfortunately, we don’t offer moving services from one location to another. We do however offer internal moving services, for example, home staging.

Do you offer regular junk removal pickups?

Yes, please reach out directly to us to provide some more information to allow us to put together a solution based on your needs.


Do you service businesses or provide commercial junk removal?

Of course! We offer removal services for businesses ranging from retail locations to office buildings to construction companies and anywhere in between!

How big is the truck?

Our junk removal trucks are 16 cubic yards in size - 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 ½ feet high. For reference, one truck can fit the items in roughly a small, one-bedroom apartment.

How does the price assurance guarantee work?

The initial estimate we provide is a max price, and we guarantee that the price will not exceed that amount. If anything, the price can come down if it ends up being less than what we estimated!

How much are my donated items worth?

The value of donated items is determined by the individual that files the tax-deductible donation.

How much does your junk removal cost?

Our pricing for junk removal depends on what you have and is based on how much volume your junk takes up in our trucks, along with any additional charges for special items or additional labor if applicable. There are no hidden fees when we arrive, and our estimate is explained thoroughly before we begin work!

How quickly can I set an appointment?

We can often do next-day junk removal appointments, if not same-day appointments.

Is it customary to tip luggers?

Tips for great service and hard-working luggers are always appreciated!

What do you do with my junk?

After your junk removal appointment, we take your items back to our facility where they will be sorted and processed for either donation, recycling, or trash. If your items are eligible for donation, our donation partners will take the items and provide a tax-deductible donation receipt for your appointment. Otherwise, all other items will be taken to recycling facilities or the transfer station.

What does full service mean?

We do all the work! All you have to do is show us what you’d like to have removed and our luggers will get it out and haul it away on our trucks right then and there!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by check or card (debit or credit) once all work has been completed.

When do I receive my donation receipt?

We guarantee to deliver your tax-deductible donation receipt within 14 days of the date of your removal.

When should I book my appointment?

It is often best to schedule your junk removal appointment 2 days in advance, but we often have next day appointments and even same day appointments available for any last-minute junk removal needs you may have!

Why are appointments booked in two-hour windows?

Due to the nature of our work, junk removal jobs may take longer than expected or our luggers may get caught in traffic, so an exact arrival time may not always be possible; because of that, we schedule appointments in two-hour arrival windows to allow for any possible delays. To respect our customers' time, we always give a courtesy call before your junk removal appointment to let you know exactly when we’ll be arriving.

Why aren't all my items listed on the donation receipt?

As much as we would like to donate every single item we remove, it is up to our donation centers as to whether they accept the items or not.

Why can't you give me an exact price before we arrive?

Properly estimating a junk removal job is best when done in person so that we can accurately estimate what is being removed and how it will get into the truck. Oftentimes pictures or verbal descriptions can be misunderstood and result in an inaccurate estimate.

Why can't you take hazardous material?

We don’t have the proper licensing, tools, and means to properly dispose of hazardous materials in an eco-friendly manner.

Will I be doing any heavy lifting myself?

No, we are full service and our luggers will handle all the lifting and required work to get items out safely and onto our truck.

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